Review: A Ritual of Bone by Lee C. Conley

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Author: Lee C. Conley
Publisher: Wolves of Valour Publications
Release Date: 17th June 2019
Page Count: 384


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Fantasy Book Maps – I Love Them! (#2)

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It’s been a while since I posted the first fantasy book maps post so I wanted to put another together with a few more beautiful maps I have seen about. If you didn’t catch the first post you can find it here and below is a brief description of what to expect and why I created the post in the first place.

I am such a big lover of maps within the pages of the fantasy novels I read. They add to the immersion of the story and allow me to better follow along with the journey and get a better feel for the world as the characters make their way around the worlds.

I’m such a fan that I thought I would create a post that pays homage to some of the greatest maps I have come across. Maybe it will even serve as inspiration for some writers out there.

FYI, this post isn’t exclusive and I might even leave some maps out for a future post 😊

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Review: Doors of Sleep by Tim Pratt

Book Details and Links

Author: Tim Pratt
Publisher: Angry Robot
Release Date: 12th Jan 2021
Page Count: 272


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Review: Bad Habits by Flynn Meaney

Book Details and Links

Author: Flynn Meaney
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 11th Feb 2021
Page Count: 320


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Review: Amari and The Night Brothers (Book 1) by B.B. Alston

Book Details and Links

Author: B.B. Alston
Publisher: Egmont
Page Count: 384


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Author Interview – D.W. Ross (Cold From The North)

Cold From The North Book Cover

I’m so happy to be posting another author interview and this time round with the awesome self published debut author D.W. Ross. Ross’s first book Cold From The North, published Nov 20, is the first in The Onyxborn Chronicle and my review right… here will tell you just how good I think it is.

A little good news is that D.W. Ross has informed me that the book has been edited to include a map of Gelenea since my review was published. This goes for both physical and eBook versions.

Psst.. there are links to order a copy in the review. Be sure to check it out.

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