Goodbye 5 Star Rating System. Hello Book Vagabond Badges.

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a fantastic day.

It’s great to have you back at Book Vagabond for another post. I am super appreciative of your ongoing support. It means the world to me.

A Post about rating systems again, really?

Yes and I’m sorry it is so close to my last post regarding how I rate books. You see I have been using the usual 5 star rating system for my reviews but it comes with some inherent flaws, which I will talk about a little later, that had me thinking maybe I should shake things up a little. Then, along comes Alex (a fellow book blogger that you most likely know as @TheMartianChron on Twitter and that you should all check out her blog and we got talking about a new way to review books on our blogs.

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My Book Review Rating System

Hey guys!

Welcome to Book Vagabond or if you have already been here then thanks for returning 😊

FYI, this is a longer post than I originally intended it to be. So, if you are only interested in the ratings then scroll down a little and skip this next part although I hope you do read what I have to share.

As Book Vagabond is new to the book blogging world and I am relatively new myself I wanted to make a post about my book rating system and how I rate the books I’m reviewing.

Before I get into it I do want to take a quick moment to explain how I understand book reviewers and what I believe my role as a book reviewer is.

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