Book Cover Wednesday – A Weekly Post

Welcome back Vagabonds!

I have decided to start a weekly post, Book Cover Wednesday, where I share the great book covers I have come across this week.

I know people say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and we all know that holds true quite often. However, I have picked up books in the past after the cover has caught my eye and they have turned out to be fantastic reads.

There are no requirements that need to be filled and I will not be putting the covers in order of awesomeness. This is just a nice simple post aimed at raising awareness of some books and their covers. I have not necessarily read the books in the post but they will most likely end up on my TBR if I haven’t.

The Phlebotomist by Chris Panatier

Honestly how could anyone not like this cover. That hot pink is just so out there I knew I had to get a copy for my bookshelf.

Also there is something cool about this cover art. The author, Chris Panatier, drew the anatomical heart/flower mash up. Now that doesn’t happen everyday in the publishing world. Quiet often Authors have little to no say on the covers. So to actually be this heavily involved is fantastic.

I got the opportunity to review a copy of The Phlebotomist and here is my review.

Crossroads by Laurel Hightower

Now this is a beautiful cover and I fell in love instantly. This is one of the books that caught my eye and I had to dig deeper. Luckily enough for me I got the opportunity to review a copy. An eARC, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong I was and still am hugely grateful to get the chance to review a copy but unfortunately for me I didn’t get a physical copy so I could adore this cover. Fear not as I then bought a copy so it could be displayed on my bookcase.

This is a cover that tells you exactly what to expect from the story. Dark, gritty and heartbreak.

The Institute of Singular Antiquities by S A Sidor

A two for one extravaganza for you. Lucky you guys.

The covers for Fury from the Tomb and The Beast of Nightfall Lodge are some of my favourite covers in existence. They have that movie going poster vibe that begs you to grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and delve into the dark depths of Sidor’s mind.

As a bonus if you get your hands on a copy of these books you will notice that they come in a fantastic small, almost pocket sized format. A throwback to the golden days of pulp adventure.

The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton

Okay so not exactly as eye catching as the others in this post but then you look closer at the waves… Damn skulls are hidden amongst the waves. Nice touch. I like it when little details are hidden within the covers. It always gets me dragging other books of the shelf to see if I might have missed something first time round.

The is no arguing that the cover of The Devil and the Dark Water is not nautical in theme. The colour palate , the waves, compass and anchor all add the the feel of the cover.

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of Book Cover Wednesday. Keep an eye out for next weeks

If you want to share with me some of the great book covers you have found along your travels then drop a comment below and I will try and fit them in on next weeks Book Cover Wednesday

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