Book Cover Wednesday – A Weekly Post

Welcome back Vagabonds!

You guys are in for a treat this week. I have put together some of the sexiest, eye grabbing and legendary covers I have seen over the last few days. These covers are just begging to be placed on every bookshelf in the land.

A little FYI for those new to ‘Book Cover Wednesday’

First of all, thank you for finding your way to my blog and this post. I hope you like what i have to share with you.

I know people say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and we all know that holds true quite often. However, I have picked up books in the past after the cover has caught my eye and they have turned out to be fantastic reads.

There are no requirements that need to be filled and I will not be putting the covers in order of awesomeness. This is just a nice simple post aimed at raising awareness of some books and their covers. I have not necessarily read the books in the post but they will most likely end up on my TBR if I haven’t.

Okay now that’s said let’s get into it…

Biosphere: Hazard by B.W. Cole

When Kit escapes the boredom of space settlement Oasis-7 for a more exciting life, he leaves behind his brother, Jay, and sets him on a journey of his own to try and regain what he lost.

Imprisoned renegade, Sola, serves her time on a nameless moon under the shadow of giant planet Tian. When her friends disappear due to a mysterious illness, secrets begin to unravel, and the true and terrifying nature of the moon is revealed.

There is only one choice. Escape. At all costs.

Events are set in motion that can never be undone. Can you ever truly go back from where you came? If you return, what is the cost?

Dripping with the Gothic atmosphere of Bladerunner and Alien, lovers of dark science fiction, suspense stories and horror will happily sink their teeth into Biosphere: Hazard.

Monstre by Duncan Swan

There is no stopping it.

The Cloud is armageddon, steamrolling the world at a walking pace.

In his thrilling debut novel Monstre, author Duncan Swan crafts a relentless, terrifying, genre-bending tale of courage, desperation, and redemption that shows just how fragile our civilization is… and how far we will go to survive.

Day 0. From the wreckage of a research facility in Switzerland, a plume of toxic smoke and ash pours into the sky, forming an impenetrable cloud that is slowly smothering the world in darkness. As Europe disappears beneath the Cloud, a squad of United States Marines are sent on a desperate mission to find out what went wrong, and how to undo it before it’s too late. Venturing into a cold, dark world, the Marines must travel deep under the Cloud, with no comms, no backup, and no idea of what they will face.

Day 89. Half a world away, the Cloud has reached the East Coast of the U.S. With nowhere to run and no hope of survival, the American people have descended into madness, turning on themselves and each other. From the sidelines, an old Tennessee sheriff watches as his country unravels. But he can’t bring himself to take the easy way out. Quitting isn’t in his DNA. So when one of his deputies asks him to help protect her family, he leads them west, chasing a miracle-a rumor of an old nuclear bunker that just may be their only hope for survival. Because if the Cloud doesn’t kill them, what’s hiding in the dark will.

Composite Creatures by Caroline Hardaker

In a society where self-preservation is as much an art as a science, Norah and Arthur are learning how to co-exist in their new little world. Though they hardly know each other, everything seems to be going perfectly – from the home they’re building together to the ring on Norah’s finger.

But when the couple bring home a mysterious creature to seal in their loft space, they both must face a devastating truth which tests their bonds to family, memory, and each other forever.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Teratoma for One Nine Lives Cell Patchwork Till Death ]

That’s all for this week.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of Book Cover Wednesday. Keep an eye out for next weeks.

If you want to share with me some of the great book covers you have found along your travels then drop a comment below and I will try and fit them in on next weeks Book Cover Wednesday

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    1. Oh, yeah, Composite Creatures and Biosphere. Already added them to my wish list with a few I also found this morning for Alex’s Norsevember challenge.


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