Fantasy Book Maps – I Love Them!

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I am such a big lover of maps within the pages of the fantasy novels I read. They add to the immersion of the story and allow me to better follow along with the journey and get a better feel for the world as the characters make their way around the worlds.

I’m such a fan that I thought I would create a post that pays homage to some of the greatest maps I have come across. Maybe it will even serve as inspiration for some writers out there.

FYI, this post isn’t exclusive and I might even leave some maps out for a future post 😊

Middle Earth – A map that needs no introduction.

What can I say about Middle Earth that hasn’t already been said??

Middle Earth is a must for this list. I must have lost days if not weeks over the years staring into this map following along with Frodo’s and the gang’s adventures. Even trying to spot the more obscure places that are mentioned within Tolkien’s tomes has given me much enjoyment.

I’m planning on getting some maps printed and hang them in my ‘book book’ and this will be one of the first to go up.

Middle Earth – J.R.R. Tolkien

Thorin’s Map – The Hobbit

Tolkien gets another mention in this post and why not his maps are fantastic.

For any of you that regularly visit my blog or follow me on Twitter you will know that I have recently watched and read The Hobbit for the first time and boy I’m glad I did.

After I got wrapped up in the story I just had to scour the map for all the details. Call me childish but I just have to feel apart of the adventure 😅 Also bonus points for the hidden runes element. What map is complete without hidden messages?!

Thorin’s Map – J.R.R. Tolkien

The Heartwyld & Grandual – Kings of The Wyld

As most of you already know my all time favourite book is Kings of The Wyld. I plan on re-reading and writing a review on it sometime as I started reviewing books long after reading KoTW.

After picking up a copy and opening the cover you are immediately welcomed into a new world that is beckoning to be explored. Most of the map isn’t touched upon in the first book so you are left to imagine what wonders await us in the huge expanse of the Heartwyld and Grandual. I’m really excited for book three and the chance to explore more of The Heartwyld.

Nicholas Eames has done a fantastic job with creating this world and I can’t take my eyes off this map. It is so detailed that I often lose places I have just found and spend more time trying to find it again.

This is the second map that will adorn my ‘book book’ walls. If only Nicholas would let me get hold of a high res image so I can print a large copy 😊

The Heartwyld and Grandual – Nicholas Eames

Westeros – A Song of Ice and Fire

Now let’s be honest… How awesome is Westeros?? It is pretty sweet as far as maps go. It is so vast unless you fly by dragon in which case you can just pop up in different locations from episode to episode 😉 See what I did there? If you have watched the later episodes of GoT then you will understand what I’m saying.

This map is amazing but I just cant unseen the witch now that it has been shown to me. To this day I still don’t know if it was done intentionally or not. If you happen to know drop a comment below and let me in on the secret please.

Now for a little sneak peak?!

I recently started speaking to D.W. Ross, a great person, who I met through Twitter and is currently in the final stages of his debut novel, Cold from The North. I have had the absolute pleasure of reading some of his short stories that add background knowledge of his upcoming novel and I can confirm it is a blast and I can’t wait to get my hands on a finished copy when it becomes available.

By chance I noticed that Ross had posted a map that contains locations that are referenced in book one and I asked for Ross’s permission to share it with you guys. Ross gave me his permission so go forth and feast your eyes upon Gelenea.

The world of Gelenea looks to be amazing and this isn’t even the finish version 😱 Ross is currently working on a more detailed map and I can’t wait to see what the finished version looks like.

Gelenea – D.W. Ross

If you are interested in learning more about Cold from The North drop by Ross’ account on Twitter @DWRoss8

I hope you enjoyed looking at some maps with me and every now and then I will make another post with some more maps form different books.

If you have any maps that you would like featured in the next post or maps you would like to share with me then drop a comment below.

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  1. One of the best parts of fantasy books for sure, rly make you feel like the adventurer about to enter a new world to be discovered!

    I keep thinking I’d love to see maps in Sci-fi. Just imagine maps of the universe accompanying a space opera…

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