My Thoughts: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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It’s a beautiful little pocket sized, vinyl covered edition and its fantastic. There is a pic of it a little further down.

My history with The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

I recently finished reading The Hobbit for the first time a few days ago and instead of writing a review, as The Hobbit really wont benefit from a extra review from myself 😅, I have decided to write about my thoughts regarding the book.

Now, some of you might be wondering how a fantasy lover such as myself has not read The Hobbit before now and if you follow me on Twitter you will most likely already know why. The reason being… The Lord of The Rings trilogy hit the scene when I was 10 years old and at this time I was not reading books as religiously as I do now. I absolutely loved the films and they had a big impact on me as I grew up. My mum made sure to take me to watch them when they were released every christmas time and I fondly remember jumping and wiggling in my seat during The Return of The King’s final scenes due to needing a toilet break. I WAS NOT ABOUT TO MISS ANY OF THIS FILM AT ANY COST. Even if that meant 10 yr old me wet myself in the cinema. Could you imagine?? haha.

If only I could tell my younger self not to panic or maybe even not to down the entire drink in the starting credits 😅

The films changed everything for me. They opened my eyes to this big new world of fantasy where I could travel to worlds far away and become a tag along companion to brave warriors battling monstrous creatures and battle in the ranks among war hardened veterans clashing shields with the Urak-hai. This was awesome and I have not looked back ever since.

So I guess I have my mum to thank for my love of fantasy. Thank you, Mum.

This love of the films had me rather worried about starting the books. Starting with The Hobbit and later The Lord of The Rings trilogy. What if the books didn’t live up to the films? What if some of the characters i come to love don’t feature in the books? What if, what if, what if??? All these worries stopped me from reading the books.

So, after reading The Hobbit I just wanted to write a post to share my thoughts on the book after not reading them for so long.

Here we go…

My Thoughts on The Hobbit

I have just finished watching the films and the book for the first time which was unplanned but a happy coincidence and the biggest difference I found was the lack of fighting in the book as compared to the films. I cant believe just how little there is in the book when it features so heavily in the films.

The main difference is how little Azog the defiler appears in the book. Azog was such a big part of the films and yet he only gets a few mentions in the book. For me that was a shame as I really enjoy the ongoing fights between Azog and Thorin and company. Don’t crucify me just yet for saying this but that’s a point for the films.

Another difference is how in the films we get a good helping of the Necromancer and the struggles between himself and Gandalf. This helps tie in the Lord of The Rings trilogy with The Hobbit and I really like how that was done. In the books the Necromancer only gets a brief mention when we have a short catch up of where Gandalf has been when he disappears from time to time along the journey.

Anyway, I don’t really want to get into point scoring as both book and film are great and are both a merit to their respective arts. I chiefly began writing this post to share my thoughts on The Hobbit and not to talk about the differences between film and book. So let us continue with my thoughts on the book…

My First Tolkien

The Hobbit is the first book I have read of Tolkien’s and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t pick up a copy sooner but such is the gift and curse of hindsight.

In the past I have had trouble reading some older novels as the writing is different from what I am used to. This isn’t a bad thing it is just how language has evolved over time and for myself I can find it difficult to read older written works sometimes. The flow just isn’t there for me.
This didn’t prove a problem with Tolkien’s work in The Hobbit. I understand that The Hobbit was written with children in mind but still this read more like a modern day text.

I really enjoyed the world building in The Hobbit and how much the book focused on the journey rather the destination. Tolkien spent much time dedicated to expressing the trials and tribulations of the hard journey ahead and this connected with me on a personnel level. I myself have had my fair share of tiresome adventures and this helped me all the more to live in the steps of Thorin and Company. Their aches and pains where very much felt and I could fully appreciate the exhaustion involved.

Another detail I enjoyed was Bilbo’s character development. Watching Bilbo come alive and fully embrace the adventure was inspiring and got me thinking of my own past obstacles in life where I have and failed to overcome. If only I could venture back in time and tackle my failures within Bilbo’s enthusiasm and passion, You know…. when he was channeling his inner Took.

Quotes, quotes and more quotes. I love a good quote and The Hobbit is filled with them but one stood out to me more than the others and I thoroughly believe that if we lived our lives as such we too could reap the rewards of a better world…

 If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Anyway guys I don’t intend on this post being treated as a review and I have already mumbled on and taken up far too much of your time already. Although I could easily take up plenty more as I have much more to say but I will leave that for future posts if I dare write another.

I really hope you have enjoyed this not so brief look into my life and my thoughts on The Hobbit. As always if you have any comments or questions drop them below and I will endeavour to respond.

Credit to Douglas Bagg (Unsplash) for the feature image.

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