Review: Ghost Species by James Bradley

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Author: James Bradley
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Page Count: 272



When scientist Kate Larkin joins a secretive project to re-engineer the climate by resurrecting extinct species, she becomes enmeshed in another, even more clandestine program to recreate our long-lost relatives, the Neanderthals. But when the first of the children, a girl called Eve, is born, Kate finds herself torn between her duties as a scientist and her urge to protect their time-lost creation.

Set against the backdrop of hastening climate catastrophe, Ghost Species is an exquisitely beautiful and deeply affecting exploration of connection and loss in an age of planetary trauma. For as Eve grows to adulthood she and Kate must face the question of who and what she is. Is she natural or artificial? Human or non-human? And perhaps most importantly, as civilisation unravels around them, is Eve the ghost species, or are we?

Thrillingly original, Ghost Species is embedded with a deep love and understanding of the natural world.


Okay, so Ghost Species is a great example of why I changed my rating system a few months back. If I give a book a five star rating because at the time it’s a five star book but then what happens when I read a book that is much better than that five star book?? I can’t give it a six star rating, can I? Or… maybe I have been too generous with my ratings in the past. Well this is exactly what happened when I read Ghost Species. Ghost Species is a fantastic read and I will be giving it a ‘Book Vagabond Top Pick’ banner.

Ghost Species sounded great when I read the synopsis and I knew I had to read it ASAP. It is science fiction that tackles climate change and the moral responsibilities that we play as guardians of this planet but what I wasn’t ready for was just how much Ghost Species would challenge, change and reinforce my opinions regarding climate change and just how my actions as a human can affect the environment around me. As you know I enjoy when I get the opportunity to learn while I read and James Bradley fills the book with information about long lost species and habitats that once populate the Earth and I took the chance to further dig into the information provided with my own research.

I can’t stress just how much character development there is within the pages of this read. Specifically that of Kate and Eve, our main characters. We get to see the relationship between the two grow and just how much they change within the book is mind boggling. Now, as a parent I was able to easily connect to Kate and understand Kate’s actions and I soon become much attached to Kate and Eve. I became so attached that I often felt my eyes welling up and the strings of my heart being tugged. Ghost Species is a rollercoaster of emotions so be warned.

Ghost Species wasn’t the usual science fiction that I read. I am far more familiar to futuristic deep space epics and those that are set off Earth. Ghost Species however is set on Earth and what could be assumed the present day. If I remember rightly there is no mention of dates but forgive me if I’m wrong. In fact Ghost Species felt more like a dramatized documentary that reads like a science fiction novel looking into the efforts and the lives of those tackling the current climate issues we face today.

I’m going to close this review up by saying that Ghost Species by James Bradley is a must read and a Book Vagabond Top Pick. I’m not going to do the normal recommendations as I usually would because I feel that everyone can enjoy this read and that if more people did read it then maybe this world be a much happier place to live.

It could be a while till a find another book that changes and entertains me in the way Ghost Species has.

Without a doubt Ghost Species easily picks up the Book Vagabond Top Picks Banner

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