Review: Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

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Author: Austin Case
Publisher: Liminal Books
Page Count: 255



It’s the summer of 2012 and Elizabeth Megalos is a disillusioned art-school grad getting by as a bank teller in St. Louis. One evening, she’s attacked by a possessed coworker and saved by a mysterious, wise-cracking sorcerer named Eddy. He drags Elizabeth and Hugh—a skeptical scholar of the occult—to Europe, where he introduces them to his three magical celebrity friends. Once there, Eddy explains the group’s mission: preventing a Demiurge—a creature out of Gnostic Christian mythology—from fulfilling the visions of doom in the Book of Revelation. The Demiurge has been drawing power from the misguided beliefs in the Mayan apocalypse and is set to start the destruction on Dec. 21st, 2012. Through ritual magic and a series of psychedelic experiences, the group learns that Elizabeth is the key to taking down the Demiurge, though she can’t imagine how she will be the one to stop Armageddon.


The apocalyptic urban fantasy I have been looking for.

Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case is a unique and interesting read. Now, I am a big fan of Supernatural, the TV show, and this book at times often felt the same in places albeit with a little more magic and less guns and knives. Not a copy of the show it just has that same feeling. Dark spirits trying to hurt people and the protagonists with a little know how when it comes to dealing with them.

Two of the main characters, Eddy and Elizabeth, have a very intriguing relationship one of which is filled with good willed banter and they often have a lot of tongue and cheek comments aimed at each other which I found highly entertaining. I often found myself longing for their next exchange. We also have a host of other characters that bring a lot of diversity to the line-up. All characters are from different backgrounds, races and beliefs, and all with their different views on life. Austin Case has injected a good helping of equality and diversity into this read and that is a must for any author these days. I only wished there was a tad more character development for the main characters but this is more of a personal preference and others may be more than happy with what Case has to offer.

As for the story it has a great flow and it moves along at a good pace. It was neither too slow nor too fast. It had a good balance to it and I was pleased that the action wasn’t spread too thinly. Where there is action we often find it coupled with psychedelic experiences. These experiences I found a little longwinded but they do add to the plot.

I would like to mention the actual book itself, the physical book I mean. I don’t often talk about the physical book in reviews but I would like to mention it here because it really did have a great feel to it. If you love the experience of holding a book. The turn of the pages, the smell, the texture then this is definitely a book to buy. It felt great in the hands. The pages had a nice thickness to them that shouts quality.

Case’s love of travel comes across in Wild, Dark Times as the book is filled with exquisite descriptions of several countries, mainly European but also a good chunk of the USA. We get a little globetrotting in this read and I really enjoyed the fact that we were not tied down to a single locale. This really gives the story scope and makes sense when we are faced with an Armageddon. We truly get a feeling of the world and its many inhabitants being affected so that is a nice touch.

Wild, Dark Times is a dark and gritty urban fantasy that incorporates religion and magic while still being able to maintain a nice light heartedness. This is a good and entertaining read for the urban fantasy lovers out there and if you are looking for ‘end of the world’ feel then you have hit the jackpot. I look forward to seeing what else Austin Case has to offer in the future.

Also this read is a good laugh. Genital fluid eating spirits, cloned humans and magic. This book has it all.

Genital fluids are like bonbons for these things

Eddy – Wild, Dark Times

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