Review: The Damsel (Black Sun #1) by David Dixon

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Author: David Dixon
Publisher: Kyanite Publishing LLC
Page Count: 220



After a hijacking attempt damages their decrepit Black Sun 490 freighter, Snake and his boss are desperate for cash.

Enter Carla, a gorgeous mercenary bad girl with a job offer that seems too good to be true. Unfortunately for him, while Snake is convinced she’s stringing them along to their deaths, he’s not the one in charge.

The job gets dicey in a hurry, and it doesn’t take him long to figure out a fatal blow is coming. He’s just not sure if it will come from the pirates that haunt the nav lanes, knife-wielding goons looking for revenge, Carla herself, or the cheap vodka he drinks to stay sane.

If Snake’s going to make it out alive, he’ll need every bit of his quick wit—and an even quicker trigger finger.

The Damsel by David Dixon


The Damsel by David Dixon is a short, sharp and gripping, edge of your seat sci-fi full of blood, guts and glory. Dixon does not hold back on the detail with this one and is not afraid to jam as much blood thirsty action into this short read.

The action in The Damsel is great. It’s fast paced, it happens often and the level of detail has a nice balance to it. Not too much and not too little. This is one aspect that I really enjoyed about this read. The author has done a fantastic job of achieving such a good balance here and I hope this continues into the next book.

Now, the main characters are something that I have not witnessed before in a book. The main characters, Snake and Bossman (If I remember rightly we don’t ever learn his name), start off pretty much at each other’s throats and normally we see this type of relationship brought closer through some sort of shared experience, and there are plenty in The Damsel, however this doesn’t happen in The Damsel and Snake and Bossman seem to continue the entire read hating each other. We finish the book and still they don’t have a kind word to say about the other. Also we don’t get an understanding as to why they are the way they are but I will touch on that a little more shortly. All that being said about the characters I did enjoy the auguring and I appreciated the fact that Snake had just as much of a potty mouth as myself.  Snake and Bossman are joined a little way into the read by another character by the name of Carla and she serves the purpose of mixing things up a little. Carla really gets the story moving along at pace which is always welcome.

I am a little confused with the storyline on this one and I’m not entirely sure what to say about it. Don’t get me wrong the storyline is not confusing. In fact it is very straight forward and is one of them reads that is just easy to read and as such a joy to read. However The Damsel feels more like a TV show and we need to watch several episodes before the real plot shows itself and grips us. I feel like The Damsel is just the pilot episode for a much bigger and rewarding journey and I for one can’t wait to see what Dixon does with the next instalment of the Black Sun series. As I mentioned prior the fact that we don’t get an explanation as to why the characters are as angry as they are towards each other is another reason this feels more like a ‘pilot episode’ and that this will get explained further along in the series.

I did enjoy this read and it was entertaining however my slight issues with the main characters and the fact that the story is lacking a little with the plot leaves me a little deflated with this read. I am glad that this book was a shorter read or else it would have risked turning into a drag. I do however look forward to the next instalment of the Black Sun series and hope that we get a much deeper plot.

If you are looking for a fast sci-fi read to break up your slog through a long series or just need to shake things up in your reading habits then I think The Damsel will serve you well. Dixon has an interesting voice and I enjoyed this debut.

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  1. Okay, I can read your review now I’ve read this one for myself. And… I have to say, it was an utter load of drivel. No, really. Other than the action sequences, this one was an overly long short story that never really delivered. Definitely a DUD!

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