Review: Amari and The Night Brothers (Book 1) by B.B. Alston

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Author: B.B. Alston
Publisher: Egmont
Page Count: 384


This review is brought to you as part of the Amari and The Night Brothers blog tour. Thank you to B.B. Alston, Egmont and Dave from The Write Reads for the chance to review a copy and be part of this blog tour.


Amari Peters knows three things.

Her big brother Quinton has gone missing.
No one will talk about it.
His mysterious job holds the secret . . .

So when Amari gets an invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she’s certain this is her chance to find Quinton. But first she has to get her head around the new world of the Bureau, where mermaids, aliens and magicians are real, and her roommate is a weredragon.

Amari must compete against kids who’ve known about the supernatural world their whole lives, and when each trainee is awarded a special supernatural talent, Amari is given an illegal talent – one that the Bureau views as dangerous.

With an evil magician threatening the whole supernatural world, and her own classmates thinking she is the enemy, Amari has never felt more alone. But if she doesn’t pass the three tryouts, she may never find out what happened to Quinton . . .

Amari and The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston


I will admit to thinking that Amari and The Night Brothers would just be another ‘Harry Potter’ clone but boy is that incorrect. I could not have been more wrong with that assumption. Key word there being ‘assumption’. Amari and The Night Brothers serves as a warning against assumptions and just how damaging making assumptions can be. I will talk more about this in a little while. For now I just want to get across the point that this read is totally unique and an absolute blast.

Amari and The Night Brothers is, as you know, a middle grade read however that did not stop me from thoroughly loving this book. I found myself totally and utterly in love with Amari. She is such a well-crafted character with tons of fire and approaches all her endeavours with such gusto that I myself want to tackle my day to day challenges with. Even though myself and Amari come from different backgrounds Alston writes the story in such a way that I can easily understand and connect with Amari. I did get emotionally involved with her journey and the story.

This read is full of diverse characters that is befitting of the 21st century. We get a young black female lead character that is plenty strong and empowers those around her. Alongside Amari we get a well-balanced line up of characters that all serve to further inclusion no matter their background.

Now for those of you that have read my reviews in the past you will know that I love it when a book serves a purpose more than just to entertain an audience. In this case Amari and The Night Brothers has a huge overarching theme of prejudice. Amari is on the receiving end of prejudice several times in this read and we as the reader get to see just how damaging that can be. Not only to Amari but to the others around her. I also want to mention that the book also goes a long way to showing us that working together we are much strong than we can ever be alone. I love that Alston incorporates this in the story and if you read the authors note at the beginning you will understand that this book just would not have been the same without it.

As I have said I was thoroughly taken by this story and towards the end there is a nice twist (no spoilers) that I did not see coming at all. I was totally taken aback by it and I definitely had that OMG moment. I had to hunt down my partner and tell her all about it. That night I had to stay up late just to finish this read. I NEEDED TO KNOW what happens. All I will say on the matter is that I loved the ending and cannot wait to read the second book.

Alston has given us the perfect start to what should be a great series. Once my kids are old enough I will happily pass my copy onto them so they get to share in the journey. I will also be first in line to watch the film once that hits the big screen. If it is done right it will be visually spectacular. There is such a great setting to be shown and a little camera magic will bring this magic setting to the masses. I will say that I really hope that those that don’t normally read do in fact pick up a copy of Amari and The Night Brothers. It is such a treat.

As for any downsides for this read. There is only one and that is that YOU haven’t read it yet. J There are no downsides from me. There is nothing I didn’t like about this book and that is why I will give it a Book Vagabond Top Pick ribbon.

Okay to wrap this up I want to clarify that even though this book is aimed at a middle grade audience it did not stop this 31 year old man from enjoying it. It is extremely enjoyable and helped bring out my inner child again. The supernatural world is alive in me once more. Thank you Alston for a great read. I will be keeping a close eye on your future works. I am a fan.

P.S. one last thing… Kids will love this book. If you are a parent or know any children then buy them this book. They will love it. Love it. Love it.

Amari and The Night Brothers ticks all the boxes and for that it is a must that I give it a Top Pick ribbon.

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  1. I love that you enjoyed a middle-grade book so much haha! This sound really cool and I love the cover. Definitely a few Harry Potter parallels, so that’s good to hear its original. I really want to read Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee which I think is aimed at a similar age group.


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