About Me

This is me! The Book Vagabond.

Hey, I’m Dean Osborne a book reviewer and this is my blog.

I have always been passionate about books as growing up I was always surrounded by my Dad’s mountain of books. I mainly read and review science fiction, fantasy and horror but I dabble with historical fiction from time to time.

I set up this blog to help connect people with books they will enjoy and to help spread my passion for books.

Book Vagabond Badges

Book Vagabond Top Pick
The Book Vagabond Top Pick badge will be displayed on the book cover of a book that has absolutely blown me away. This is the highest of awards. The greatest of awards that can be bestowed upon a book. 😂 Okay sorry I got a little ahead of myself. The Top Pick badge is to show that this book is a must read. Add it to your TBR immediately.

Book Vagabond Recommended
The Book Vagabond Recommended badge will be displayed on the book cover of all the books that tick all the right boxes but not quite enough to be awarded the Top Pick badge. A BV(Book Vagabond) Recommended book is a book that I really enjoyed and one that I would highly recommend to everyone. Even the all knowing power that be my mum. I love you, Mum ❤️

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